An Assessment of Factors Influencing Consumption of Sun-Dried Vegetables among Households in Teso South Sub-County, Kenya


  • Annet Itaru Student
  • Dr. Lydiah Waswa
  • Eleonore Kretz
  • Dr. Irmgard Jordan
  • Maria Glas


Adequate consumption of vegetables is important for maintaining human health and nutrition status. Even though the World Health Organization recommends vegetable intake of 200-250g/person/day, intake is still low across the world, contributing to the burden of malnutrition, particularly micronutrient deficiencies. The use of sun-dried vegetables was promoted by the Education and Training for Sustainable Agriculture and Nutrition in East Africa (EaTSANE) project in 2019, to close the nutritional gap among smallholder farming households in Teso South Sub-County, Busia County, Kenya. This was implemented through trials of improved practices (TIPs). As a follow-up of the TIPs exercise, this study sought to establish consumption patterns of sun-dried vegetables; to assess factors influencing consumption of sun-dried vegetables and to assess perceptions and attitudes with regard to sun-drying of vegetables and their consumption. Data was collected using interviews and focus group discussions. It involved participants from TIPs households and those from villages in close proximity to the TIPs villages. Out of the expected 110 participants, 104 participated in the study. Majority of the participants were female (98.1%), and were aged between 20-79 years. Consumption of sun-dried vegetables was majorly reported among participants from TIPs households (37.5%) with a consumption frequency of once a month. The most preferred sun-dried vegetables were cowpea leaves (n=100), amaranth (n=43) and jute mallow (n=54). Factors found to be influencing consumption of sun-dried vegetables were participation in the TIPs (p=0.00), confidence in cooking sun-dried vegetables (n=0.018), color (p=0.008), taste (p=0.036), ease of sun-drying (p=0.017) and ease of cooking (0.001). Most participants perceived sun-drying and consumption of sun-dried vegetables as beneficial and reported that it was important to include them in family meals. The study concluded that consumption of sun-dried vegetables in Teso South Sub-County was low and recommended the need to create more awareness on sun-drying of vegetables.



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