Influence of Indigenous Knowledge Based Climate Change Coping Strategies on Household Food Security in Baringo County, Kenya.


  • shadrack cheplogoi egerton university


Climate change, indigenous knowledge, food security, extension service delivery


Climate change has hampered the achievement of food security among vulnerable households particularly in the Arid and semi-arid areas in developing world. Households in ASALs apply indigenous knowledge coping strategies to curb the effects of climate change. This study established the influence of indigenous knowledge based coping strategies on household food security in Baringo County, Kenya. Descriptive survey design was used. A sample of 140 respondents participated in the study. Questionnaire and focus group discussion guide were used to collect data. Results were presented using both descriptive and inferential statistics. Hypothesis was tested using simple linear regression at α = 0.05 level of significance. The findings indicated that extreme temperature (85.5%), erratic rainfall patterns (85.2%), drought (81.1%) and floods (31.8%) characterized climate change in Baringo County. The study also established that observation of tree flowers, fruits, animal behavior and parts, stars and sun position were used to predict weather among household to cope with climate change. In addition, accurate weather prediction by indigenous weather forecasters, diversification of agricultural enterprises, selection of seed varieties and social network systems were practiced to cope with climate change effects. Moreover, results of hypothesis test indicated no statistically significant influence of indigenous knowledge coping strategies on household food security. The study concluded that households in Baringo County employ indigenous knowledge based coping strategies though they have no bearing on household food security. The study recommended the integration of best practices on indigenous climate information into extension service in delivering early warning signals and safeguard household food security.



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Innovations in Climate Change and Natural Resource Management