• Eunice Minyatta


Production, African Indigenous Vegetables, Market


African Indigenous Vegetables (AIVs) are one of the entry points in achieving food security and improving farmers’ livelihoods. They offer a significant opportunity for the poorest people to earn a living as producers and/or traders without requiring large capital investments. There is increased awareness on healthy eating hence the demand of AIV has gone high. However, smallholder AIV farmers have not taken up the emerging opportunities in AIVs value chain. This study sought to find out the status AIV production and marketing in two sub-Counties (Emuhaya and Sabatia) in Vihiga County with the aim of improving smallholder farmers’ participation in the AIV market for improved income. A total of 167 AIV farmers were interviewed. Results indicate that the land size in the two sites was averagely 1 acre. There was a significant difference (P=.000) in the type of vegetables grown across the two sites. In Emuhaya, night shade (75%), spider plant 69%) and cowpea (63%) were the most common vegetables grown while in Sabatia, cowpea (83%) night shade (55%) and jute mallow were the most common vegetables grown. Though majority of the farmers (75%) across the two sites noted that the demand of AIV had increased in the past 5 years, 76%  said they are not able to meet the demand. Nonetheless, most farmers (58%) did not do target production of AIVs. The farmers who did target production were significantly higher (P=.032) in Emuhaya than Sabatia.  Most farmers (80%) had not attempted to sale their AIVs in the high end markets such as hotels, schools, supermarkets. The study results indicate that production and marketing of AIV is at a more advanced level in Emuhaya compared to Sabatia. The farmers in the study sites have not taken advantage of the available demand of AIVs to improve their income. There is need to come up with mechanisms to improve smallholder AIV farmers’ participation in the AIV market for improved income from AIV.



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Minyatta, E. (2022) “STATUS OF PRODUCTION AND MARKETING OF AFRICAN INDIGENOUS IN VIHIGA COUNTY ”, Egerton University International Conference. Available at: (Accessed: 19 July 2024).



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